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Education Transition Fund (ETF)

The largest book program in Zimbabwean history was launched in 2010 under the aegis of the Education Transition Fund (ETF), managed by UNICEF.

The ETF is a $80 million multi-donor programme to provide schools with learning materials and technical assistance in collaboration with the Zimbabwean Ministry of Education Sport Arts and Culture. The financial support comes from the governments of Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States and the European Commission.

By mid-2011, every Zimbabwean primary school child had a complete set of core textbooks and by the end of 2011 it is planned that each secondary school student will also.

Storage cabinets and boxes of opened UNICEF textbooks in Tsatse primary school.

Official announcement:

Education Transition Fund Distribution launch— Sept. 2010 —As Zimbabwe’s schools open for the third term, the Inclusive Government of Zimbabwe, the international donor community, the United Nations led by UNICEF have lived up to their promise to supply textbooks to over 5 575 schools by launching the distribution of textbooks sourced under the Education Transition Fund (ETF). >> read more.

Articles on the program:

ETF continues with millions of secondary school textbooks — 15 November 2011 —Following up on the massive textbook order and delivery of 15 million primary school textbooks a year ago, Unicef has arranged a similar book shipment to all the secondary schools in Zimbabwe. >>read more.

EU Education Adviser: book launch starts with the right tone — November 2011 — In a repeat of last year’s ‘Textbooks For All’, I found myself once more at a huge logistics warehouse on the edge of Harare, in a marquee filled with dignitaries to launch the second phase of the Education Transition Fund programme (ETF).>>>read more.

New lease of life for Zimbabwe’s children — 9 April 2011 —Thirteen year old Sarah Motsi (not her real name) is writing her Grade 7 examinations this year and has high hopes of passing. She wants to become a doctor when she

finishes school. A few months ago Sarah would not have harboured these ambitions at all as shortages of textbooks and stationery made it difficult to study at home and learn in class.>>> read more.

Coltart justifies Longman tender award — 8 April 2011 — Education, Sport, Arts and Culture minister David Coltart on Wednesday told Parliament that Unicef has managed $52 million last year to avert a catastrophic textbook shortage and further decline in the country’s educational standards. >>> read more.

U.S. to continue assistance to Zim education sector —17 March 2011 — “The U.S. government has provided one million dollars to a joint donor effort headed by UNICEF to provide textbooks to students in Zimbabwe. We are proud that as a result of these efforts there will now be a one-to-one ratio of books to primary school students, which has not occurred in Zimbabwe in a long time. All of our efforts reflect the fact that the United States government and its allies are committed to providing a culture of reading and learning,” said Ambassador Ray>>> read more.