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Twin raise funds for rural libraries

24 Sep 2015

Twin sisters Shivani and Shefali Sinha have been captivated by the plight of rural schoolchildren in Zimbabwe and are planning a children’s fundraising fun walk/run around Lake Rotoroa in Hamilton.

The Zimbabwe Rural Schools Library Trust is working in many different countries to raise money for reading materials for rural schools. “Imagine how difficult learning would be if students did not have access to reading material? In rural Zimbabwe, the majority of schools do not have libraries at all. The worst affected are the rural schools,” say the two girls in their promotional flyer.

“I am a Year 7 student in Southwell School, Hamilton.  I belong to a loving and caring family of four which includes my parents and twin sister, Shivani. Thank you to my mum who told me to read an article on the plight of the children in Zimbabwe. I read the article myself and it made me sad. I wondered what I could do to help these children who are hungry to have a good education, but do not have the books or resources to fulfil their dreams,” wrote Shefali.

“In my school, we have excellent facilities and resources that support our holistic wellbeing in all the four key areas of life: namely academic, sports, culture and service to the community. In our school chapel services, universal values of love, compassion and empathy for others is emphasized. Last year our Christian education teacher inspired me to appreciate what I have.

“My faith has made me aware that with that greater privileges entail greater responsibilities to share the privileges with others, particularly the forgotten and marginalised. I therefore carry a responsibility to fundraise for these children in Zimbabwe. Our actions have to benefit the human race otherwise what is the point of useless selfish acts?

“I believe education is important for every child particularly for girls since EDUCATION prepared children to fight social injustice. I have some big plans to advocate for the plight of the children in Zimbabwe. I would like to spread the word around and make people aware of this worthy cause.”-The Zimbabwean.