"Promoting reading, donating books, opening worlds"

How We Help

NEW:  If your organization is a disadvantaged school or a non-profit promoting literacy, requests for books can be made by sending the application form to Zimbabwe Reads at info@zimbabwereads.org


Zimbabwe reads supports the reading culture by:

1) Distribution of Reading Materials: We bring shipments of books to Zimbabwe which we distribute without cost to partner organizations around the country. In addition, we donate large quantities of magazines to schools and community libraries.

2) Promoting Reading Activities: We work with the ZimLA, individual libraries, schools, and community groups to promote reading. These activities including support for library outreach to schoolchildren, contests, and special events.  Through this website and our occasional special reports, we also raise awareness in the country about the dire shortage of reading materials and the great need for action by all levels of society.

Is Zimbabwe Reading? – The 2011 Reading Survey researched by Zimbabwe reads.

3) Local Language Initiatives: we work with local publishers, authors, and cultural associations to support children’s books and publications in Zimbabwe’s indigenous languages.


Zimbabwe reads is a collaborative effort of Zimbabweans and international friends who are encouraging a culture of reading by providing materials and access to information.

Please send corrections or information on what your group is doing to make sure Zimbabwe reads to: info@ZimbabweReads.org

What Zimbabwe reads depends on you!  If you are interested in supporting book donations, publishing, or projects to widen literacy and information access, please contact us at:  info@ZimbabweReads.org

  2011 Zimbabwe reads Annual Report