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Update on John Gambanga

02 Apr 2016

Wordsmiths master as many genres and media as they have talents.  For forty years, John Gambanga has been a novelist, playwright, journalist, editor, and videographer. Since 1980, Gambanga has mainly worked as a journalist in Zimbabwe. He worked for Moto,… read more

Zimbabwe Reads distributed 30,000 books in 2013

31 Jan 2014

Zimbabwe Reads continued its collaboration with the Sabre Foundation to distribute over 30,000 books in 2013. The main shipment arrived in January and was distributed in the next few months. Major recipients were World Education and the network of 180… read more

Zimbabwe: SOS for Literature in Indigenous Languages

21 Jan 2014

by Stanely Mushava, for the Herald Zimbabwean literature has a wealth of indigenous narratives which merit greater appreciation and a durable shelf life. At high tide, local languages cross-fertilised proverbial lore and individual creativity to create one of the proudly… read more

Chatauqua reading club in Harare

01 Oct 2013

The Chatauqua Literary and Scientific Circle – Zimbabwe (CLSC – Z) is inviting interested people to join them in reading and discussing quality books at its library once a month.  CLSC-Z members who read twelve books from the book shelf… read more

CAEDA works to help San language

23 Nov 2012

reprinted from NewsDay A local non-governmental organisation, Creative Arts and Education Development Association (Caeda), has embarked on the production of San language reading materials as part of a campaign to revive the minority language. In a statement yesterday, Caeda director… read more

Coltart asks for readers in minority languages

23 Nov 2012

Statement by Education Minister David Coltart: THE most important building block in every child’s education is his/her ability to read, write and speak his/her mother tongue. Once those skills have been mastered, it is much easier for a child to… read more

Across the border: reading in Mozambique?

16 May 2012

The northeast parts of Zimbabwe have some of the lowest educational levels in the country. The lack of a large city or many missions in the area may account for this.  Not surprisingly, across the border in Mozambique, there are… read more

Solid Literacy Data Arrives

15 Apr 2012

Anyone interested in the facts about education and literacy will be excited to know that the full report of the Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey 2010-11 has recently been released.  Because of the many disruptions in Zimbabwean life since the… read more

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