Zimbabwean children story-writing and drawing competition (deadline: Nov 30)

20 Nov 2012

Open Invitation by the International Liaison office of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum, London.

We are inviting all Zimbabwean children to commemorate the International Human Rights Day on 10 December 2012 with us through story and drawing competition.

Background information
10 December marks the International Human Rights Day. This year, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights based in Geneva, Switzerland will focus on inclusion and the right to participate in public life to commemorate this Day. We are inviting you to participate in celebrating this day with us.

What we are asking for
We are inviting all Zimbabwean children from the age of 4 to 18 based anywhere in the world to submit stories or writings based on the theme “The Portrait of a great Zimbabwe.”

General Guidelines
We are looking for your true and genuine views on how you would like to see Zimbabwe shaping up to be a great nation. You may write a story or draw an image of how/what She would look like. For example, this could be your life story or simply genuine views expressing themes such as hope, aspiration-nation, values such as unity, tolerance, respect — including what you value or people should value — the role of the state, citizenship, rights and responsibilities, love and compassion, family, communities, society. The story or drawing must reflect your own interpretation of what the portrait of a great Zimbabwe should look like. Parents and guardians are not allowed to help their children although they can provide general guidance particularly to children under the age of 8. We are looking for a balance between imagination and reality.

The stories should ideally be typed but should not exceed 2 pages if typed. Drawings should ideally be on one side of an A4 page. Murals could be slightly bigger. Please indicate your location (for example, Mabvuku, Zimbabwe), full names and age. If you are a child living in the UK, due to child protection laws, please only include your parents or guardian’s contact details with their permission.

Prize and what will happen next
These stories, murals and drawings will be exhibited on 10 December 2012 and a selected few will be read and/or explained to an audience of other children at chosen schools. All the selected works will be bound together into a thick volume called ‘The Portrait of a great Zimbabwe’ which will be distributed widely.

The winning story and drawing will attract prizes of $100 or £40 in the UK. There will be other small complimentary prizes for the other works falling within the top five. The judges’ decision will be final and will not be influenced. If you haven’t heard from us by 20 December, please assume that you have not succeeded on this occasion. Remember that it’s not the winning but the taking part that matters. Your true prize will be in shaping your country Zimbabwe.

How to submit

– If you are in Harare, you can submit via your nearest Harare City Library (there is an HCL library on Rotten Row and next to the local district offices in Mount Pleasant, Mabelreign, Highlands and Greendale)
– By email to: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]
– By post: (especially in the case of pictures) to: c/o Stan: Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, PO Box 9077, 8th Floor, Blue Bridge, Harare, Zimbabwe or Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, International Liaison Office, Archway Resource Centre, 1B Waterlow Road, London, N19 5NJ.

For general enquiries please contact Arthur on: [email protected]