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Zimbabwe Reads distributed 30,000 books in 2013

31 Jan 2014
Pupils at Lubuze School, Insiza Rural District, Filabusi, receive books  in July 2013.
Pupils at Lubuze School, Insiza Rural District, Filabusi, receive books in July 2013.

Zimbabwe Reads continued its collaboration with the Sabre Foundation to distribute over 30,000 books in 2013. The main shipment arrived in January and was distributed in the next few months.

Major recipients were World Education and the network of 180 Catholic schools in Zimbabwe. Other recipients of young readers and supplemental texts for schools included the Zimbabwe Rural Schools Library Trust, Restore, the Bulawayo Public Library, Phumuza Trust, and the Gweru district schools.

Zimbabwe Reads focuses on inspiring and assisting young readers, so it specifically requested books suitable for primary and secondary schools up to Form 2.  Although the great majority of the books were donated to schools, there were also special topic donations responding to requests of art books by the National Gallery, developmental studies for universities, and psychology books for teacher training institutions.

A substantial donation of over 50 boxes of new medical books was designated for the UZ Medical School and 8 nursing schools around the country, which were distributed with the help of the Rotary Clubs. These high-quality technical books were praised as invaluable by the recipients because the general materials in many training instittutions are now worn or out of date.

The Sabre Foundation, based in Boston, received the books from major American publishers. Unfortunately, Sabre closed its doors in 2013 after distributing ten million books in the previous 25 years. Zimbabwe Reads is currently looking for alternative sources for children’s books.