Shimmer Chinodya reflects on Zimbabwe’s current reading culture

06 Oct 2011

Daily News recently interviewed one of Zimbabwe’s best known literary writers Shimmer Chinodya.

The writer, who has published 57 books over the period of 40 years, said he was heart-broken to learn that each Zimbabwean pupil is allocated only 50 cents. “Now who is going to buy My Strife which costs 12 USD and my Step Ahead textbooks which are going for 20 USD?” he wonders.

“Lack of reading material has disastrous implications for future generations,” believes this award-winning Zimbabwean author. According to Mr. Chinodya the reading culture that prevailed in the 1980s and 1990s was very different from the current one.

Read the full interview in 28 Sept 2011 issue of the Daily News.