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Local writer releases motivational anthology

17 Sep 2013

Bulawayo motivational author, Njabulo Moyo, has published his second motivational anthology, Sketches from My Soul.

The literary piece, a follow-up to his widely-read debut motivational anthology, African Sketches, is a collection of inspirational poems that cuts across all age groups and general experience of life.

“The poems are not sad. They question the human response to situations. The poems are sweet, politically correct, socially relevant and religiously acceptable,” the contemporary writer told Southern Eye Lifestyle.

The book, edited by a local protest poet Bhekumusa Moyo in collaboration with Karen Perkins from Lionheart Publishers, England, will be launched next month.

Unlike popular protest poetry which incites readers towards a particular action, his literary work reflects modern African psyche and brings a fresh elegance in motivational poetry.

“I use poetry as a motivational tool to inspire and provoke feelings. I strive to bring a unique style that is mainly inspired by contemporary affairs,” Moyo said.

“The book touches on the theme of identity, the struggle of the female species, contemporary African affairs, love, religion and identity crisis.”

Moyo (26) says the book is about his life experiences as he grew up in the suburb of Mzilikazi where crime was the order of the day.

Aclaimed writer NoViolet Bulawayo had an opportunity to review the books and says:
“From the frustrations and hopes of Zimbabwe’s ‘lost decade’ comes the ambitious and socially engaged poems that speak of generation intent on being heard. At once personal and communal, playful and poignant, nonchalant and conscious, these poems capture both pulse and range of who we are. Njabulo Moyo is a writer to listen to and watch.”

Delta Milayo Ndou, an author praises the young writer:
“Njabulo Moyo’s writing is refreshing, engaging and fluid. His poetry touches on various topics with a critical lense that is both provocative and entertaining. He has mastered the art of turning poetry into a conversation we can all be part of,” she said.

The Bulawayo-born author has performed at Intwasa Arts Festival KoBulawayo since 2009 and has featured as a performing poet in the Action Youth’s Listen to youth project. His zeal in poetry has also taken him overseas to represent Zimbabwe in literary works.