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Johanne Masowe school in Manicaland needs textbooks

02 Oct 2012

Muchingura Primary School run by the Johanne Masowe Apostolic sect in Gandanzara, Manicaland Province has an enrolment of 145 pupils.

Teacher Angeline Kutsanzira: last year 13 students sat for Grade 7 examinations. Most of them did well. (Photo M. Chibaya)

Pupils pay $3 a month as fees which is used to pay salaries for the five teachers employed by the church.

Angeline Kutsanzira, a teacher in charge of the school, said they are in need of textbooks, as pupils do not have textbooks except for a few whose parents can afford to buy those.

Our visit to the shrine was part of the Media Capacity Development training workshop that was being held by the United Nations Children’s Fund in Nyanga.