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Guest post by James Murua: 10 African literature-rich blogs

23 Jun 2014

First appeared on the Bloggers Association of Kenya website

So you want to keep abreast of what’s happening in the African literature space. Want to get news and reviews from the books written by and about African experience? Try these ones listed in alphabetical order;

1. Authors in Africa

This blog focuses on bloggers in the African continent without a focus on mainly writers from all over Sub Saharan Africa. The site gives reviews of books as well as interviews with authors, a section dedicated to poets and essayists, as well as book synopsis and short stories. The site is regularly updated.

2. Bookshy: An Africa book lover

This blog is managed by a London based book lover. The book contains news from the African literature scene as well as reviewed by the blogger. With over seventy reviews of some of the best books from the continent this is an important space to keep up with our scene. I especially like the “meet” section where the blogger interviews some really cool writers. The blog is updated every week or so.

3. Books Live

This is probably the most well managed blog out there for Afro lit. With reviews coming regularly as well as the keeping track of what your favourite authors are up to or what is being written about them this might be THE site to keep visiting. Based in South Africa, the blog is rich in content from the writers from Africa’s most southern most country but it also keeps you abreast of many from other parts. There is new content on this site daily. #Win

4. Brittle paper

Curated by Ainehi Edoro a doctoral student of English at Duke University Brittle Paper is perhaps the most fun of the blogs. It gives news and reviews from the African literature scene as well as interviews with some of the coolest writers. The blog which is updated regularly has some of the most fun features on there with a look on how characters from some of our most loved books would operate out of their strongholds. For instance this —> African Fictional Characters In Bed — Okonkwo Is Less Talk, More Action is a great read.

5. Ikhide Ikheloa

Nigerian art critic who reads and writes loudly. Essays galore there; nothing for you bite sized news junkies.

6. James Murua’s Literature Blog

This is blog run by Nairobi based James Murua and gives news and reviews on African literature.

7. Kinna Reads

This blog is managed by the blogger who enjoys world literature and is partial to women writers and their works, especially African women writers. The blogger keeps you abreast of Ghanaian literature as well as other of her favourite writers on the continent. Apart from the usual news and reviews, she offers reading lists as well as an annual reading challenge for you to try and get your reading game on point.

8. Maisha yetu

This site is run by Nairobi based journalist Joseph Njungiri. It focus on the arts in general but has quite a bit of information from the Kenyan publishing industry.

9. Mary Okeke Reviews 

Run by Barcelona, Spain based Mary Okeke, the blogger gives news and reviews from the African literature scene regularly enough. Also has interviews with your favourite writers out there including the legendary Chinedu Achebe (I know, I thought it was a typo but it really isn’t). Could produce more content for her fans (that includes me).

10. So many stories

Managed by Ugandan Nyana Kakoma, this blog focuses on Ugandan literature. It is still relatively new but it looks like it will be doing a very good job for the news from the pearl of Africa.


This post was written by James Murua. He blogs at Nairobi Living