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Father scores success with own education system

02 Oct 2013

New Zimbabwe.com-A Zimbabwean man living in England has devised an education system that he believes could change the fortunes of children like his own.

Roy Chinyanga’s daughter Chelsea got a grade C in GCSE maths aged just 11 and is now studying further maths.

Chinyanga, who recently moved from Ashtead to Dorking, said his son Rodgers got a B in A-level maths at the age of 14 and three other GCSEs at the age of 12.

He attributes their success to an educational system he has devised which he called MX KOPS, which stands for Methodology X: Knowledge, Outcomes, Process and Step by step approach.

He said children benefit from a holistic approach to learning instead of getting bits and pieces of information on topics in the classroom.

He said: “They want the whole picture in a short time and learn from the bigger picture. I’m calling my way free-range learning. Allow the child to soak up what they want to soak up.”

Chinyaga said Chelsea, who attended Grenville School in Ashtead, keeps asking if the children who were in a special needs class with her could achieve the same results.

He said: “Their parents may see where I’m coming from, how I have managed to change the fortunes of Chelsea to the benefit of many. This thing works.”

Chinyanga’s interest in pioneering his own approach to learning was encouraged by the fact that children with different abilities can all quickly master Blackberry phone functions.

He said: “I have been surprised why this well-known Blackberry phenomenon has not been carried forward in classrooms for the benefit of all children.”

Chelsea said she may find it difficult to do multiplications, like 12 times 85, but she now understands the mathematical ideas and concepts behind equations.

She said: “From my own experience I have seen the system actually works. When I was still in the low groups I thought ‘why can’t I be like other people in the higher classes?’

“My Dad finally found out that I like bigger things.”

Chinyanga said his daughter’s teacher at Grenville School, Mrs Boulton, also deserved credit for her success.