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Danish Embassy donates law books

11 Dec 2014

The Royal Danish Embassy on Tuesday donated 1 700 law text books to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) as a way of improving justice delivery system in the country.

The books which cover up to date aspects of law were handed over to the acting secretary of the JSC, Justice Rita Makarau, by the Danish charge de Affairs Erik Brogger Rasmussen at a ceremony held at Mashonganyika building in Harare.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Justice Makarau, thanked the Danish embassy for the kind gesture, saying the books were tools of  the trade for judges and magistrates.

“We are very grateful for the donation of 1700 up-to-date law text books which will cover over 55 categories in law. The books will cater adequately for the High Court and the Magistrates’ Courts. The text books will be distributed to all courts, including the Attorney-General’s office (AG) and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) department.

We call upon the two (AG and NPA) offices to feel free and use the books,” said Makarau.

Justice Makarau said an online library will also be put in place so that all members of JSC and other stakeholders are catered for.

“In addition to the donated textbooks, we are hoping to have an online library by the beginning of next year. I would like to thank the Legal Resources Foundation (LRF) and the JSC for the job well done in promoting the justice delivery system. Judges and magistrates now have tools of trade and I can assure you that the justice delivery system in the country will never be the same,” said Makarau.

Rasmussen said the text books will be complemented by 400 electronic books.

“The paper books donated will be complemented with the addition of a range of 400 electronic books which will provide up to date law reports that will be accessible to all judicial officials at the touch of their computer’s keyboard. Both the paper and electronic books will assist in developing the skills of judges, magistrates and administrative personnel. They will provide better decision making and judgements in all of Zimbabwe,” said Rasmussen.

He also challenged the country to increase publication of Zimbabwean legal texts ‘‘that improve not only the Zimbabwean justice, but also positively influence Africa and the international communities’’.

The donated texts books, with 55 titles cover all the important aspects of law from general works on civil and criminal law, its procedures, laws of evidence to specialist areas of surety and ways of determining the quantum of damages.

The Danish embassy is currently assisting the JSC with the construction of court houses across the country-The Zimbabwe Mail