2012 Sabre-Zimbabwe Reads distribution report

09 May 2012
World Education Inc., NGO that works with out-of-school youth, received science readers from Sabre-Zimbabwe reads container.

After months of preparations, cross-Atlantic negotiations and a personal visit of Zimbabwe reads project director to Sabre Foundation’s warehouse in Boston, 58,000 books donated by American publishers and individual friends of Zimbabwe reached Harare on February 2, 2012.

The largest part of the shipment was 40,000 primary school science booklets provided by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. The regional committees distributed these colorful graded readers, as well as 10,000 McGraw-Hill primary and secondary school books, mostly in the Harare and Bulawayo areas. For distribution, Zimbabwe reads also partnered with the Catholic school network of almost 200 schools.

Zimbabwe reads tries hard to make sure the right books get to the right beneficiaries. A group of nursing schools in Western Zimbabwe received 14 boxes of specialized nursing books.

The shipment also included 30 boxes of fiction and 20 boxes of academic books in the humanities from Harvard University Press that were distributed to the University of Zimbabwe and hard-hit tertiary institutions. The distribution of these books was almost entirely complete by the end of April.

All our beneficiaries expressed gratitude for the donations and assured us that the books will be used efficiently. However, librarians from the Book Aid Bulawayo Committee drew our attention to the fact that primary schools science readers because of their size will quickly be worn out by their readers. Schools and NGOs like World Education Inc. that work with out-of-school youth, on the contrary, were sure science readers will be instrumental in their work.

David Fluck, related both to the UZ medical school and a secondary school that benefited from the Sabre donation, illustrates best our beneficiaries’ appreciation of the books, “Books of the quality and usefulness that you have supplied through your Zimbabwe reads programme are simply neither obtainable nor affordable in Zimbabwe and we are very grateful for the donation and for the work that went into their selection.”

Organizations that received books include:


Africa University

Bulawayo primary schools

Bulawayo Rotary Clubs

Catholic University of Zimbabwe

Catholic schools national network

Great Zimbabwe University

Gweru Province schools

Harare City Library

Harare Rotary Clubs and their partner schools

Hope Initiative

Jesuit schools of the Zimbabwe Province

Lupane State University

Makumbi Mission network of rural schools

Midlands State University

National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo

Nursing schools in the Midlands and Matabeleland

Phumuza Trust

Restore ZW

Solusi University

University of Zimbabwe

World Education Inc

Writers International Network-Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Open University