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T.G. Bhowa

28 Sep 2011

Team Leader Rapport

I say greetings to all like-minded information professionals and local, regional and international library institutions and associations.  Welcome to this first and innovative ZimLA Online Newsletter, a brainchild of the current Zimbabwe Library Association – National Executive Council team.  Faced with all sorts of challenges ranging from funding, economic challenges and lack of professional commitment, we have resolved that we should not loose foresight, hence in our efforts to keep in constant touch with our constituency so going online was the noble solution for now until we are able to stand on our own two feet again. This marketing drive is what we hope will be our interface with prospective donors so that a hardcopy version of this Online Newsletter will become reality.  It’s a FACT that web presence is not negotiable, social media is a reality you either are there or you are finished.

The newsletter as its name suggests will be a brief insight into the state of the LIS/RAM community in Zimbabwe, spiced up with real time digital images.  With time this medium should be manipulated as communication tool amongst colleagues, from who’s who in the profession, activities or forthcoming attractions, students’ involvement at the various library schools.  In short a potpourri of issues.

With time this newsletter should prepare us for the launching of ZimLA fully fledged journal.  I hear you it’s indeed long overdue, but working together we can assemble and produce the two issues as the jolly good old days.

I take this opportunity to thank our friends at Zimbabwe Reads, especially Jeffrey Wills, the NEC team, the affable and hardworking Editor Hosea Tokwe for this groundbreaking initiative against all odds.

Enjoy the read!!!

Tatenda, Siyabonga, Thank you all.

T.G. Bhowa – ZIMLA National Chairman

The mission of ZimLA News is to keep Zimbabwe Librarians informed and also make international librarians aware that we continue our work despite the turbulent state of the economy. The current editor is Hosea Tokwe at Midlands State University:

Please send contributions to him at: or

Back issues available in pdf format:

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