What is ABCD?

28 Sep 2011

Recently, Zimbabwean librarians have been discussing various software packages relevant for library services.  The following information has been provided by ABCD distributors.

ABCD is a web based system for the automation of processes, workflows, functions, products and services typical for libraries, documentation, records  and information centers. ABCD belongs to the ISIS family of software for storage and retrieval of textual, structured information, focused on bibliographic information sources and associated services. It is multilingual (supports 4 languages), multiplatform (windows & linux), multicultural, compatible with international standards (ISO 2709), generally flexible and configurable, capable of dealing with the automation of all kinds of libraries and documentation centers.

  • Best tools built-in i.e Z39.50 (allows access to remote/online databases)
  • Friendly & beautiful.  Users fall in love with the simple & elegant interface.
  • Community of support.  ABCD has a polite, supportive & accessible user support community & approachable development communities
  • Safe & Functional.  ABCD like all free packages is much more secure from viruses & attacks
  • Uses fewer resources. Yup, even your low-end PC can run ABCD.  ABCD does not need high RAM, high CPU speed, and bigger hard disk space. Everything is neat & small
  • Not difficulty & not for geek only.   ABCD is not difficult to use.  Some people think that you need too know programming to use ABCD, its not for the GEEK but for the human being
  • as a librarian-oriented tool, based on LIS principles rather than computer or programming principles
  • as a tool for developing countries, provides LIS workers with a very powerful tool, which takes into account some specific realities, such as: low availability of ICT skills, Bandwidth & Connectivity


System requirements:

  • Administrator rights MUST be enabled
  • Pentium 3 processor or above
  • Internet Explorer 7 and above
  • Allow Apache/PHP to run ( enable firewall/pop-ups for major anti-virus systems)
  • Proxy server settings: choose bypass proxy server

The development, maintenance and distribution of ABCD follows the free and open source software (FOSS) modality, under coordination of BIREME with the support of the Consortium of Flemish Universities (VLIR/UOS – and the ISIS community of users and developers, represented in solely in Zimbabwe by zimisis.

The ABCD system integrates applications for online automation of database creation and management, using open protocols for web based interoperability, cataloguing of document collections, import/export of records, acquisitions and two lending modules – basic and advanced with statistics, periodicals control, creation, configuration and management of websites and OPAC with advanced search system.




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