Librarians discuss Open Source Software

14 Sep 2011

In March 2011, a group of 18 librarians met to discuss Open Source Software: needs and options.

Those participating were:

Yule W Lecturer University of Namibia,
Chibatamoto R Higher Education Resources & Information Services,
Mamvoto J Morgan Zintec Librarian
Tavengwa N Librarian Geological Survey
Gwembere G Librarian ZIMRA
Tsveta S Library Assistant Morgan Zintec
Tivafire E Library Assistant Morgan Zintec
Sithole S Library Assistant Morgan Zintec
Kativu Av Library Assistant Morgan Zintec
Matsika G Snr Library Assistant Harare Institute of Technology (HIT)
Choto J Catholic University Librarian
Moyo L Librarian Bulawayo
Chiruka N Librarian Musuem of Human Sciences
Ncube O Principal Librarian United College of Education Byo
Mandikutse F Assistant Librarian Geological Survey
Maphosa P Librarian Mutare Polytechnic
Dube T Lecturer Bulawayo Polytechnic
Mutebuka M Assistant Librarian Morgan Zintec College


  • To capacity build participants to develop and acquire practical skills for database management by manipulating ABCD
  • To provide technical comprehension and strengthen the use of ABCD in Zambia
  • To promote Open Source Software (FOSS) as an alternative to traditional solutions
  • To promote the sharing of information resources in line with the SADC RISDP objective

Operational Skills Transfer  (Certification)

1. Database Administration

  • Users administration
  • Utilities (initialize database, unlock database,  unlock records)

2. Cataloguing

  • Data entry (new records, editing/deleting/modifying/default values)
  • Adding to Copies database (edit/delete)
  • Posting to Loan Objects
  • Searching within the database (free text/index)
  • Database utilities (import/export/.iso-.txt files/inverted file generation)

3.  Loans

  • Loans configuration (working days & hours/fines/user type/item type)
  • Users Database (modification/data entry)
  • Transactions (loan/return/renew/suspend/fine)
  • Borrower statement/history/State of item

4.  OPAC

  • Site Configuration & maintenance (institutional logos/seals)
  • Information retrieval skills/Advanced searching/form



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