Zimbabwe had the highest literacy rate in Africa, but it’s dropping quickly. How can you learn to read if you don’t have anything to read?

— Approximately 40% percent of Zimbabweans are under 14 years of age. For them, it’s now or never. — Let’s make sure Zimbabwe reads.

The school in the blowing dust of north-west Zimbabwe is in my mind . . . Classrooms without books, without textbooks, or an atlas, or even a map pinned to a wall. A school where the teachers beg to be sent books to tell them how to teach.
Doris Lessing,
acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize in Literature 2007

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Achebe’s greatest novel, 50 years on

25 Jul 2014

The Herald-I PURCHASED my first copy of Chinua Achebe’s third novel, “Arrow of God”, at a CMS (Church Mission School) Bookstore in 1964, in Onitsha, in Eastern Nigeria, a few weeks after the novel was published in England.I was at… read more

Harare City Library to host a public talk

24 Jul 2014

The Harare City Library, as part of its objective to promote literacy, reading, and literary activities, will next week host a public talk and discussion on “Getting Teens Reading.” The event will take place at the Book Café on Wednesday… read more

Educational tablets in Africa: Bridging the gap

10 Jul 2014

The changes that Africa is now going through do not cease to amaze. It seems only yesterday when Africa was at the bottom of the class in terms of technological innovation, but things have changed and the continent is now… read more

Calling all artists and creative types interested in helping Harare City Library renovate their children’s library space (Deadline: Jul 31)

06 Jul 2014

Harare City Library  have a limited budget but if you are a locally based artist or group with a BIG HEART and have an awesome idea they would really like to hear from you. The brief is to update the existing… read more

Guest post by James Murua: 10 African literature-rich blogs

23 Jun 2014

First appeared on the Bloggers Association of Kenya website So you want to keep abreast of what’s happening in the African literature space. Want to get news and reviews from the books written by and about African experience? Try these… read more

Bridging school gives education opportunities to orphans

20 Jun 2014

Two teachers were conducting lessons — one teacher on one end of the classroom and the other at the other end with about 20 pupils ranging from ages six to 15 all squeezed into the small room learning how to… read more